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About Us

Delivering For You.

At EirCo Sustainability, our goal is to transform the environments where we live, work, learn and play. Our hands-on team includes engineers, energy analysts, and project managers who work in synergy with our clients to devise tailored efficiency strategies unique to their energy requirements.

From optimizing building performance to addressing the challenges presented by local law fine exposure, we provide turnkey solutions that maximize peak building performance through energy modeling, audits and commissioning for our clients delivering highly efficient, sustainable, and low carbon-footprint buildings.

Our Mission

Our mission at EirCo is to provide practical solutions to our clients’ energy problems, through design, development, management, and implementation of comprehensive and integrated energy solutions for any building type, from concept to completion.`

Benefits of Working With Eirco

- Reenergize existing assets to maximize return on investment through reduction of energy costs.
- Increase asset market value marketability to an informed customer base.
- Development of an energy masterplan to reduce exposure to Local Law 97 Fines which are to be introduced as of 2024.
- Reduce organization’s exposure to volatile energy market pricing through our Utility Rate Analysis Service
- Channel economic savings from improved performance towards growth and expansion of your portfolio.
- Utilize state and federal financial incentives and tax breaks for capital improvements while they are still available.
- Improved Systems Efficiency and Extended Equipment Use Lifetime.
- Improved Occupant Comfort and Productivity
- Identify Building Condition and Deficiencies which contribute to prudent capital improvements planning.
- Address corporate social responsibility concerns of shareholders and investors.
- Avail of expert education, design, engineering, and construction solutions from EirCo and our partners. Pathway to a zero-carbon future. Reduce your organizations environmental impact.


Nearly 70% of NYC’s carbon emissions come from the fossil fuels used to heat, cool, and power our buildings

25,000 sqft

In 2019, New York City passed Local Law 97 to reduce carbon emissions from buildings greater than 25,000 square feet. New York City will commence fines for buildings exceeding the emission limits in 2024.


On Average, our Utility Bill Rate Analysis saves our clients between 4% - 12% off current market energy rates.


New York City uses 11,000 Megawatt-hours of electricity on average each day. One megawatt represents the amount needed to power 100 homes

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